Help keep a child warm this winter


“The aim of the initiative is to focus on raising funds for different homes and orphanages in and around Tembisa”

It is that time of the year again where we have to rearrange our wardrobes and let our jerseys, jackets, scarfs, gloves and bennies take the front line. Yes, winter is in full swing!

While most of us cannot bare the windy, misty cold days having to wear those puffy jackets with our heavy boots and now masks, Lerato Morotolo has seen this as an opportunity to give back to her community. The young entrepreneur and aspiring public relations practitioner is the founder of the Warmth Is Comfort initiative which she started in 2015.

“The aim of the initiative is to focus on raising funds for different homes and orphanages in and around Tembisa”, said Morotolo.

Every year, her initiative runs a campaign that mainly focuses on raising funds and this year she is doing so for the Bulamahlo Home in Tembisa Difateng Section. Warmth Is Comfort is collaborating with Yethu Comms and together they have started a campaign called #KeepingAChildWarm which is about collecting old and new blankets to help keep a child warm this winter.  They started the blanket drive towards the end of May and they have managed to donate a total of 26 blankets by June 7.

Lerato Morotolo is the founder of Warmth is Comfort

Morotolo who was born and bred in Tembisa feels strongly about her community, she believes her landing a helping hand makes a difference bit by bit.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, they are aware of the restrictions and therefore go and collect the blankets themselves from people that wish to donate. “Covid-19 has limited us so much because we love and believe in personal interaction but now we do all the collecting, buying and donating of blankets by ourselves”, mentioned Morotolo.

A date for a fun fundraising event for the kids at the Bulamahlo Home has been set for October 3, 2020 with hopes that the Lockdown will be lifted.

Warmth of Comfort initiative also has their focus on children living with mental illnesses and those who live in vulnerable places.

A community member receiving blankets

Since the initiative is turning five this year, plans are in place to raise R5000+ to help renovate some homes and orphanages. Morotolo explained that these vulnerable places are in need of new bunk beds, cutlery, furniture, painting etc.

She relies on her community for support and said that even though her initiative is not yet a registered NPO or NGO it is still in process with the department of Social Development but for the time being she will continue to support her community the best way she knows how.

To donate a blanket or to be part of any project that Warmth Is Comfort runs you can follow the social media pages; on Facebook is: Warmth Is Comfort or Lerato M Morotolo
On Twitter it is: @warmthiscomfort or @lerato_morotolo. Her email address is:

By: Nonzwakazi Ramaube