Sunday, September 20, 2020

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Bonang Matheba took over Equanimity Awards

Jet-setter Bonang Matheba was in Dallas, Texas in the US hosting the Equanimity Awards and of course, homegirl brought her best foot...


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Da M.O.G releases new single ‘Whole World’ from upcoming EP

Boipelo Molotsi, known as “Da M.O.G.” found comfort in the mic as he shared a part of his life in an intimate...

SA Records Lowest Number of Corona-virus Infections

South Africa's number of corona-virus infections has declined to its lowest level since May with only 772 new positive cases confirmed...

Mam’Mkhize and son Andile Mpisane take on Hollywood

Businesswoman, Entrepreneur and Reality TV star, Shauwn Mkhize and son Andile Mpisane announced today their three international award nominations from The Hollywood African Prestigious Awards.  KwaMam'Mkhize has...

TV host & model Kim Jade celebrates phenomenal women

#Kimsinstameet celebrated the fruits of other women's labour A model and TV host wrapped the women's month in a...

Mzansi applauds DJ Sbu as Mofaya expands its range

Hustling is never easy, sometimes one feels like they’re hitting rock bottom but at the end when you stay true to the...