Solutions-based YouTube channel on the rise


An article by BusinessTech in 2013 stated that YouTube views in South Africa increased by over 90%. This was according to data that was released by Google and YouTube.

Globally, almost 40% of YouTube’s 6 billion hours of monthly watch-time comes from mobile devices”, According to the article, 60% of a channel’s views actually come from outside the creator’s home country. Another interesting finding is that over 70% of South African YouTube users, (content creators and viewers) are between the ages of 18-34.

 YouTube brand partnerships leader, Jared Molko declared that these South African YouTubers are constantly connected and whenever they need answers to something, anything, they are more likely to consult their smartphones than another person nearby. This has positioned the platform to be the “go-to” place when people are looking to find DIY demonstrations and things alike.

“Chitchat Wednesdays with K and Andy” is a solutions-based YouTube channel started by two young female entrepreneurs seeking to create a much needed platform to give voice where authentic conversations can be held and discussed head on without fear or favour. Kamvelihle Mweni and Andisiwe Ndabula are proud East Londoners who, after attending the same high school together a few years ago, have decided to reconnect and share their passion for business, development and gender equality by forming their very own channel.

Chitchat Wednesdays with K and Andy is a channel to follow and subscribe to for all those who seek to have real discussions and ideas that are seldom found in the mainstream media. It is open to all genders and age groups; everyone is most welcome to participate by watching, subscribing and commenting. Chitchat Wednesdays with K and Andy is a thought-provoking, educational and fun channel that tackles socio-political range of issues while adding a bit of fun to it with their “Bloppers” feature that comes every second week.

“There is so much going on in our country and the world at large. Things happen, we look the other way and instead of addressing them – we simply normalize them. I have a lot to say and the need to have these discussions and shift our mindset as the youth is of paramount importance to me. When I did my research about YouTube, it was the perfect place for me to make my voice heard”, said Andisiwe.

Kamvelihle maintains that instead of going for entertainment and comedy type of content, they decided that it is essential for them to maintain being different and not lose the essence of their uniqueness which distinguishes and separate them from other channels.

For a new channel, the engagement from the audience has been overwhelming as it has been only just over three weeks since Chitchat Wednesdays with K and Andy was born. To engage with these two stars on the rise, find them on their social media platforms. Andisiwe is available on Twitter and Instagram both @AndisiweNdabula and Kamvelihle is found on both Twitter and Instagram @_Kamva.

By Sibulelo Sofe