Over 300 000 COVID-19 Recoveries recorded globally


As of yesterday, global cases rose to 1,426,096, with more than 387,547 cases in the United States, where the largest outbreak is occurring. Of those people, 300,054 have recovered, including 21,763 in the United States.

Along with being a positive piece of news during a dark time, increased recoveries could potentially lead to even more people recovering. Those who have fully recovered from COVID-19, the disease caused by the virus, have antibodies in their plasma, a liquid component of blood, that can attack the virus. By transferring their plasma to COVID-19 patients who are seriously ill, officials are hoping to give them some passive immunity to the virus. It’s unclear if the plasma transfer will be an effective treatment, according to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), but some information suggests it might help people recover. The World Health Organization calls for more aggressive action to stem the spread.

The overall death rate also remains low at fewer than 5% of those that have been infected.

covid-19 coronavirus recovered cases
Global cases are nearly 400,000, Image: Johns Hopkins University

China, which bore the brunt of the initial outbreak, is now leading the way with recoveries of more than 80,000.

By: Bradley_Brizzy

courtesy of: Newsweek