Zakes Bantwini’s “Osama” hits 4 times platinum


Zakes Bantwini’s hit single, Osama has gone 4 times platinum in less than a year.

This comes as no surprise because the song has been dominating music charts in South Africa and abroad since its release a year ago.

Chatting to Channel24 a while ago regarding the meaning behind “Osama” the music producer explained: “The idea was to have a spiritual song which is spoken in tongues. Because when you speak with your spiritual self, you know when sometimes people will pray for something, they sometimes speak in tongues.”

The star said he wanted a song that would “touch each and every soul”, and in order to do that, he knew he could not sing in any particular language.

“I knew that a language, any certain language, had to be taken out. So, it cannot be English because there are some people who might not relate. It cannot be in my language in isiZulu because some people might not relate. So, I decided to just use tongues as the melody to speak about that lion within you, which Osama means lion,” he concluded.

Zakes Bantwini with wife, Nandi Madida at the artist’ 42nd birthday celebration

Zakes Bantwini shared a photo of the plaque received for the song’s achievement.

Bantwini celebrated the success of the song alongside his 42nd birthday jamboree, a star-studded affair with many of his industry friends present to celebrate this mammoth milestone.

 “If “I” is replaced with “we” even “illness” becomes “Wellness”, cause none of us is smarter than all of us. “We” did it Team work does make the dream Work,” he captioned one of many Instagram posts.

Friends at the affair also snapped with the plaque.

Kudos to you Mr Zakes Bantwini!!!

By Sinenzolo Mondi – Nduku