Young Vaal Entrepreneurs pioneers behind eco-friendly home décor pieces

Young entrepreneurs Balungile Maloka (20) and Blessing Leboko (19)

In the township of zone 3, Sebokeng lives two young ambitious women Balungile Maloka (20) and Blessing Leboko (19). Growing up in the township the two realized the amount of bottles being wasted and destroyed every day and littering the streets of their neighborhood.

Instead of gallivanting and consuming alcohol like other young people during December holidays, the pair decided to recycle the bottles into home decorating ornaments. With the help of the local bar they are able to collect the empty alcohol bottles for their eco-friendly home ornaments.

The two ladies started their business in crafting recycled bottles in 2019 but it was put to hold due to the global pandemic. In 2021 they blossomed into being entrepreneurs working at an internet cafe and doing crafting on the other hand.

home décor pieces made from recyclable material made by Balungile and Blessing

Balungile says growing up she’s always been an introvert and used art as an escape from the rest of the world. “One of my passions is drawing and sketching my emotions”, she says.

She describes Shadrak Hlalele as her inspiration, and explains that she discovered her talent when someone wanted to buy her drawings.

“I was inspired to not only draw for my emotions and keep my drawings to myself but to share with the world and hopefully inspire somebody else out there”.

The business partners share a desire to one day own a fashion brand.

By Ntokozo Radebe