Young Bright Star Branding Soweto

Jabulane Mthombeni

“I aim to give back clothing to the people so they will be able to own their clothes again…”

Born and raised in the heart of Soweto Township Diepkloof, also referred to as Diepmeadow, Jabulane Mthombeni AKA ” JB”, is a (33) year old brilliant self-taught entrepreneur, who is reaching out to change his community for the better.

The young Kasi boy found his passion and undying love for music at a tender age, “It was the seed that gave birth to my hustle”. Growing up less fortunate, he found his motivation in poverty.

Jabulane explored his passion by getting into a choir with his friend and later ventured into branding and promoting other House music artists in 2016. “Music is my refuge, in that I accidentally found out that I could print T-shirts to promote my brand Ubuntu Sounds Apparel and sell them”.

This discovery later evolved to Jabulane’s clothing brand called Print_On_Demand Shandis.

“I was a hustler from a young age,” he added.” Jabulane manufactures his own hoodies, which in turn creates outsourcing opportunities for small informal businesses in the community.  This man is indeed proudly South African.

He has joined an initiative called “The Bantu Space”, that involves an NGO called “House Of Hope”, which is created to extract and instill art skills from existing skilled artists like himself and give back to the youth. It also aims to create a space where artists can interact, showcase and exhibit to make a living. The main focus is to create an environment that will not only be educational but fun for the youth. This will come into play late this year.

Jabulane Mthombeni creating and cutting his designs

Without a doubt, Jabulane Mthombeni has and still is influencing his community in a positive way by any means necessary; curbing unemployment.

Committed and faithful to his work, Jabulane goes beyond any expectations, as hard as it is during this Covid-19 pandemic. It has not been easy for this bright star but he is thriving and still shining through it all.

You can follow Jabulane Mthombeni on these social media handles:

Facebook: JB_Thombeni

Instagram: Print_On_Demand Shandis and UbuntuSoundsApparel

By Tshidiso Mokoena

Tshidiso Mokoena is a freelance journalist


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