Young Beauty Queen Sibalwethu Mhlantla Destined for Success

Sibalwethu Mhlantla

Sibalwethu Mhlantla is taking the pageantry world by storm. Born and bred in the magnificent province of the Eastern Cape in King Williams – Qonce Dikidikana, eMadramini to be exact, Mhlantla is an absolute over achiever.

At just the tender age of six, Sibalwethu has an impressive CV – I bet some of her peers at Schornville Primary School are green with envy. Mhlantla is a jack of all trades and master of all; she is the founder of Miss Dikidikana. The main purpose of the pageant is to groom her peers to be confident in themselves and embrace their different body types.

In an exclusive interview with SA POSITIVE NEWS Sibalwethu’s mother Asalinto Mhlantla took us down on a memory lane sharing some of Sibalwethu’s early childhood memories.

“Sibalwethu’s childhood was very exciting because she was an energetic kid who always wanted to be taken pictures of and she was photogenic at a very young age. In 2022 she started growing warts on her face and that had a huge negative effect on her as she was not comfortable to even go to school, tuck shop or playing with her peers. She started having a very low self-esteem so as her mother I was very hurt and worried about her. That’s when the idea of her joining the world of pageantry came about”, said Asalinto.

Asalinto reiterated that she believed that Sibalwethu’s modelling journey would be a confidence booster. Siba agreed and started modelling classes last year, in Mdantsane at Live Your Dreams Modelling Academy under Buhle Bakhe Rungqu. In March she participated in the Miss Summer Komga pageant. This was her first ever pageant and of course first time on stage but she managed to emerge victorious – clinching the 2nd Princess accolade.

“Look mom I am beautiful with warts on my face, I won”, Sibalwethu expressed after her victory.

At just 6 years old, Sibalwethu Mhlantla has many titles under her name including Miss Summer Komga 2023 Tiny 2nd Princess, Miss Petite Idol S.A 2023 Pre-teen 2nd Princess, Miss Back To God 2023 Tiny 2nd Princess, Miss Optimistic 2023 little Queen, Miss Beauty With Purpose Tiny tots 2023 Queen, Miss Beauty With Purpose Ambassador, Miss Beauty With Purpose Public Choice, Miss Beauty With Purpose Entrepreneur, Miss Beauty With Purpose Best Community Work, Miss Beauty With Purpose photogenic, Miss Beauty With Purpose Media Influencer, Miss Junior Remarkable S.A 2024 2nd Princess, Miss Junior Best Community Work and Miss Junior Best Talented Walk. Talk about a dynamite that comes in a small package. Sibalwethu is such a powerhouse – be on the lookout Zozibini Tunzi, Sibalwethu is “taking up space and cementing herself” in the world of Pageantry.

Out of all the titles and accolades – Sibalwethu’s Mother, Asalinto reveals that the “Miss Beauty With Purpose” is her personal favourite because it taught Sibalwethu a great deal of responsibility in her Community. The proud mother is beaming with pride as her child really stands out from the crowd. She believes that Sibalwethu has reached legendary status- as young as she is and oh yes, we agree!

 “The pageant made my child to grow up at a younger age, because it was her 1st competition, and we were told that she has to do community work.”

Sibalwethu is showing no signs of slowing down. Even with all the astounding success achieved thus far, the modelling maestro is grabbing the bull by the horns and striking while the iron is hot.

The dynamite is currently preparing for the Miss Angels South Africa pageant that will be held on the 6th of April 2024 at Sweetwaters.

Asalinto Mhlantla is pleading with good Samaritans out there to sponsor/fund the superstar in her quest to conquer the world of pageantry. 

“Sibalwethu comes from a disadvantaged family her mother is not working but holding Diploma in Management and her grandmother is a founder of Tiny Hearts Daycare Centre but non-funded. All her titles in her younger age mean a lot, she excels in the world of pageantry and modelling, and she can go so far but her obstacle is lack of funds. The are many opportunities that come her way, but she can’t attend because of financial lack”, explained Asalinto.

To lend a helping hand in making sure that Sibalwethu’s dreams become a reality, kindly reach out on these platforms:

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By Sinenzolo Mondi – Nduku