Unathi Nkayi to host Basadi in Music Awards 2024

Unathi Nkayi

“We are celebrating 30 years in song. Thirty years of the melodies and harmonies that have soothed us and uplifted us in our new democracy…”

Unathi Nkayi is back as the host of the annual Basadi In Music Awards (BIMA) 2024.

The radio personality and singer did a stellar job hosting the awards last year. She ate and left no crumbs – she understood the assignment hence she’s been honoured once again with the duty of being the host for this year’s awards ceremony.

In an exclusive interview with SA POSITIVE NEWS the songstress reiterated her reasons to heed to the call of hosting the prestigious awards again.

“Last year I was asked to host them last minute – 8pm on Friday night, Hloni, the founder, and I had a deep conversation and she expressed how disappointed she was because she was let down by the host. I agreed because I didn’t want another woman to be compromised like that. That being said – I had little time to prepare for the stage and had to pull outfits that I already had in my wardrobe.

I said YES again because I want to give the awards what they deserve. I want to give them ALL of me like I have with previous awards of that stature. I said YES because I know we as women who have helped build this industry want to celebrate each other and we will on that beautiful night.”

Basadi In Music Awards returns for its third year, unwavering in its mission to honour the women who are the driving force behind the music. From the powerhouse vocals that grace the stage to the creative minds crafting the hits, BIMA celebrates singers, rappers, DJs, composers, producers, writers and creatives.

Unathi Nkayi had us in our feels, sharing her sentiments on the importance of giving female creatives their flowers while they can still smell them.

“From the female television producers and directors, journalists and radio hosts to the female promoters who have given us stages to share our crafts on. Our industry would be nothing without their feminine power. So many times, we have waited too long to tell people how much we appreciate them, with BIMA it affords us the opportunity to dance, sing and ululate with these forever queens”, said Unathi.

This year’s theme, ‘Girl in the Mirror – Our Re.Flexion’ is all about celebrating the power and diversity of women in music and that diversity extends beyond borders. ‘Girl in the Mirror – Our Re.Flexion’  underscores the importance of introspection and growth, qualities that women in the music and entertainment industry embody so perfectly.

“How profound of us to have the audacity to do so. I released NDIYAZITHANDA MNA in November after not having released a solo offering since 2018 which is a proclamation of self-love. ‘Girl in the mirror’ allows us to do just that, to look at ourselves, be accountable to ourselves and most importantly LOVE ourselves. It also is a strong reminder to keep playing and listening to our inner child. Because when we do, we will know our worth and as the world reflects back to us that there is nothing more inconvenient than a woman who knows her worth. Let’s keep knowing our worth that’s what ‘Girl in the mirror’ is a reminder of”, she added.

Basadi in Music Awards (BIMA) 2024 nominees have been revealed, sparking a wave of excitement and anticipation in the music industry. The countdown to this year’s ceremony has officially begun.

This year, BIMA takes a monumental step forward by welcoming African queens from Ghana, The Kingdom of Eswatini and Namibia. This expansion reinforces the awards’ commitment to celebrating the power of women in music and entertainment across the continent.

When SA POSITIVE NEWS asked, “What’s in the pipeline for Unathi Nkayi, what is she currently working on?” The Xhosa Queen had this to say… “I just recorded with STIMELA. Our single IXILONGO will be out in spring. In July my single with professor ISIKHWELE will be released too. In October I embark on a series of shows celebrating my 21 years in song. THE SELF LOVE SHOWS. So, this coming spring and summer will be a very musical festive celebration.”

This year’s BIMA ceremony is set for 10 August 2024 at the iconic Mandela Stage at Joburg Theatre.

For more information about Basadi in Music Awards, please visit www.basadiinmusicawards.co.za

By Sinenzolo Mondi