TikTok introduces TikTok For Business #WhatTheTok

Scott Thwaites, Head of Turkey, Africa & Gaming, Global Business Solutions, TikTok - METAP

#WhatTheTok highlights solutions for businesses to engage with the TikTok community

Yesterday, TikTok hosted #WhatTheTok, the first-ever TikTok For Business media event in South Africa, to showcase how businesses can embrace the TikTok experience and reimagine how they connect with their communities.

Guests took part in a fun-filled evening with interactive activations displaying how businesses of all sizes can engage with diverse communities on the platform, with authenticity, creativity and realness.

The event also highlighted TikTok’s commitment to safety, as the platform is built with industry-leading safety measures, providing a safe environment for both users and advertisers to create and enjoy content.

Speaking at the event, Scott Thwaites, Head of Turkey, Africa & Gaming, Global Business Solutions, TikTok – METAP, explained to attendees that the goal of TikTok For Business is to give brands, marketeers and businesses of all sizes in South Africa the tools to be discovered and authentically connect with communities on the platform.  

“The magic of TikTok is not just the chance to create, but the chance to discover and to be found. With TikTok For Business, our goal is to give marketers the tools to be discovered and connect with the broader communities around them”.

“Brands are an important part of the TikTok experience, whether they are starting trends or connecting communities, they are creating authentic audiences built on the foundation of sharing joy. They are embracing the creative and authentic spirit of TikTok, and giving users a new way to discover and engage with the products they love,” said Thwaites.

Attendees engaging during the TikTok For Business presentations

At the event, TikTok Thwaites highlighted how TikTok can help solve shifts in the marketing landscape, and identified four key drivers that are shaping this shift: From measuring reach to measuring connection, from passive audience to immersed creator, from transactional commerce to consumer commerce and from witnessing culture to creating culture.

“As we continue to build a platform where brands bring immense value to the user experience, we’re excited to continue investing in solutions that give businesses in South Africa a platform to inspire others, be discovered, and meaningfully connect with the TikTok Community,” concluded Thwaites.

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