Tiger Brands, a home of homes

08/08/2022 Tiger Brands Personal Care HPC.

Ever been loyal to a brand but you really know nothing about it; its values, principles, community and social engagements, etc. Tiger Brands takes it upon itself to bring its customer even closer, way over the consumption of its proudly South African produced products, to involving you through the process of producing its products, through open sharing of its innovations, hopes and why it is bringing you such production.

It can never get this up close and personal – a totally un-relatable experience between companies and their stakeholders, especially its consumers, let alone – loyal consumers.

Tiger Brands’ marketing and communications’ team hosted a Media visit at their Kempton Park Isando factory site, taking the media team through manufacturing processes of its well-known favorite household products such as the Airoma house spray, Jeyes fluid and the Status roll-on products amongst many others. Their presentation also composed of their latest innovations like the Ingram’s skin doctor body moisturizer that comes in different flavours. 

Tiger Brands prides itself with introduction of expedite innovative systems of automation, and the benefits thereof, where 90 caps of airoma home spray is produced in just a minute, and this speaks to the demand of the product forever being supplied to, after having monitored the consumer relationship with the product. This speaks to many other products that Tiger Brands faithfully delivers to the homes of South African citizens.

On top of that, the brand prides itself with excellent and immaculate operational premises and the factory site as a whole. Their operational hygiene rules are incomparable, their hazardous “on-your-face” visible educational signs on the walls, safety gear usage, alarm regulations, speaks to the safety and security maintained in and within the three factories on site. 

Lastly, in presenting their historical timeline – its innovations, acquisitions, upgrades, diversifications, one important factor Tiger Brands sees the need to align itself to the long term health of where this country is headed towards – the need for Solar installation, factoring the pressure of the current energy crisis in South Africa.

Tiger Brands wants its stakeholders to be aware of this important factor that its productivity will not be of any issues for the foreseeable future. Consistency is a founded principle among many others. 

“In March this year, HPC in Isando became the first Tiger Brands site to have solar power installed onsite. The solar power installation is done through the procurement of a Power Purchase Agreement from Independent Power Producers”, according to the presentation.

Tiger Brands continues to state that ““in addition to solar power at HPC, initiatives to reduce energy intensity has been implemented”. With this – they are driving a programme that focuses on the three “Ps – People, Process, Plant” – to look at opportunities to reduce energy usage”.

In a media release dated 17 August 2022, the brand made mention of the fact that its goal is to reduce its greenhouse emissions by 45% against science-based targets by 2023, with a target of net zero emissions by 2050. 

Like any other large and small size organisations – they have feasible goals and plans to not only benefit themselves, their investors and any other stakeholder greatly upheld, but also their consumers and the community. However the style and manner with which Tiger Brands relates and involves its stakeholders is rather homely, attentive and solicitous to risk sounding repetitive.

The media visit was a dose of humanity within a business brand and nothing of numbers – which consumers of South African brands would be more open to entrusting their loyalty towards. Tiger Brands has sealed its place of loyalty with South Africans and it keeps proving legit with its long-standing products that have a stable and growing consumption demand. A younger market is almost about to be consumed by the brand as it more and more appeals to it as the brand expands its reach.

After all – everyone in the home needs to be accommodated. The HPC team presented an exceptional hospitable work – its services translate from one platform (products/production) to another (hospitability/social service).

By Cindy Motloung