The start of a fruitful journey for generous Ayanda Hadebe

Ayanda Hadebe

“I believe it doesn’t take an asset to influence one’s life in a positive way however actions speak louder than words”

Ayanda Hadebe

Not all hope is lost when it comes to our youth as resilient Ayanda Hadebe leads with a heart-felt purpose. The 27 year old is a selfless beauty queen that plans to stat a foundation aiming to assist South African as best as she can.

She has a passion for pageantry. “I plan to help as many people as I can”, she says. She has other projects she is busy with during this festive season.

“You must be the change you want to see in the world,” Ayanda encouraged the youth. The young and ambitious Hadebe also tries to be an outstanding citizen in her community in order to capture the hearts of those that look up to her and lure the rest of those that don’t know her by leading with purpose and exceptional example.

She has been crowned Miss Carnival, Miss Madadeni and her latest crowning is Miss Newcastle +size. “My love for pageantry began when I was in Grade 10 – even though I was shy – in 2012 after being nominated by my class mate I was Miss Personality.

“My childhood was very difficult. I come from a poor background but my mother ensured that we never went to bed hungry”, says Ayanda. Furthermore Ayanda’s mother was a domestic worker and every cent she made she contributed towards building her family. When vibrant and youthful Hadebe was 15 years she acquired the skill to braid people’s hair and with that money she managed to help at home and contribute towards buying her school uniform until matric.

A young girl from Newcastle found herself an orphan when her bread winner mother passed away. She found herself leading her siblings because she was the oldest. Ayanda’s say: “I believe it doesn’t take an asset to influence ones life in a positive way however actions speak louder than words. If you can think it, that means you can achieve it”. The hardship shaped her future and helps her focus of what’s to come in the near future.

Ayanda had to grow up when she found herself heading a household. Her level of maturity was birthed too quickly, at only 15 years has helped her wise up much quicker than her peers. “We live in a society where minors are exposed to worldly pleasures and where there is lack of dignity and respect of self morals. Hadebe also expresses that parents should not suppress their children’s God given talent but to instead encourage them to flourish.

“The name of the foundation I’m planning to register and operate will be called Enkosi’s Helping foundation”, she proudly says. The foundation will stand for the well-being of humanity.

“At the moment I’m collecting school uniform and stationery in preparation for back to school after the Christmas holidays. The school clothes and stationery will assist underprivileged children.

Another fact that sinks Ayanda’s heart is seeing a girl child not attend school because of lack of sanitary towels which made her start a drive of kid girl campaign.

“I always start my Christmas with a prayer thereafter I spend quality time with family and later might meet up with friends”, says Ayanda. Hadebe explains that Christmas means reunions, family bonding, renewing of relationships, exchange of gifts but most importantly the celebration of the birth of Christ.

Ayanda Hadebe is edging sponsors to come on board in assisting with funding for her new venture that will uplift the community in a positive manner.

She concludes by saying “choose your friends wisely in order to avoid trouble. Stay in your lane in order to have a bright future”.

By Sandra Lesenyeho#SAPositivenews