Life Through Nhlanhla Hlongwane’s Lens

Nhlanhla Hlongwane

Indeed, dreamers don’t lose hope, after dropping out of tertiary a young man decided to pursue his dreams of photography.

Nhlahla Hlongwane is a Hlongzmedia owner, he had to drop-out on his third year of tertiary due to financial reasons, but that didn’t stop him from doing what he’s passionate about.

Hlongwane started his own business in 2016, using the cheapest camera at that point, he used to charge R10 a picture. “I used to make about R400 or less a day” he said.

Hlongzmedia is a photographic business which focuses on taking pictures, videos and is for commercial purposes.

When covid-19 hit us with the first lockdown, it was bad for his business, as everything was completely on pause. Hlongwane could work from home as restriction of covid-19 would allow him, but he had only one gig.

Now that restrictions have been eased it has become easier for Hlongzmedia to make business.  “Masks are slowing everything in our photography industry, as people no longer experience their beauty”, Nhlahla added.

Hlongzmedia image

Hlongzmedia was always hosting small gigs until 2021 where it had scored a big gig of misshotlegs SA, where the business sought assistance in shooting from Greymedia. “That made me feel that my work is being recognized”, he expressed.

Hlongwane is pushing himself to reach to a level where he wants to be in the near future, as well as going back to tertiary to finish his Diploma in Photography. “I thank my right-hand men Gab Design for helping me when it comes to graphic design, all my clients for trusting me with best pictures and videos”.

Life obstacles can teach us a lot about our capabilities – some situations force us to think out of the box.

By Valentia Magomani