SA’s Nasiphi Booi caught by surprise by Australian record label deal

Nasiphi Booi

The truth about music is that it can take you to unexpected places. Nasiphi Booi is witness to the saying when she landed an unexpected interview on SABC 2’s Morning Live News through an unexpected recommendation.

“I was performing at Arthur Zwane’s restaurant in Orlando West and Umama Sakina Kamwendo witnessed my performance which makes me believe she was moved by my rendition because shortly after, I got a call for an interview initiated by her on SABC 2. May her ancestors continue to bless her,” says Nasiphi.

The opportunity from the interview opened doors for Nasiphi and a record label from Australia approached her. Nasiphi and her producer Sthamzen were given an opportunity of a lifetime, to release their latest song under the record label. 

The Australian record labels name is Vagrant Soundz founded by Jay McCauley. “This opportunity has extended our audience out of South Africa, pioneered by our dedication and love for music. My journey has advanced me to this point as well as the years I have put in. Our dedication has presented an opportunity to be recognised beyond the borders of Africa,” comments Booi.

Her devotion to music started when she was still a young girl. She performed at school, church choirs and traditional ceremonies. Nasiphi is a 26-year-old, from a village called Ambrose, KwaMnyamana in Mount Frere. 

The environment in which she was brought up was strict, although she found herself in trouble because often, she would rebel against rules because of her unique personality. “My grandparents however, were the ones who played a major role in the young woman I am today, especially my grandfather,” adds Booi.

One of the bold moves Nasiphi made, which has steered her into breaking new grounds, was collaborating with Sthamzen. Their partnership started when he first featured her in one of his songs.

Booi is drawn to deep house music although she does not necessarily box herself into one limiting genre. “I believe when you are a creative you are bound to be inspired by different timelines which might speak to a different genre,” the musician expresses.

Nasiphi has had a great start to the year and appreciates that her song was released in January under the Vagrant Soundz. “The song is called: Unalanto”.

Her choice of genre for the latest release was soulful deep house. “The song was written for all the good men that have inherited the tagline #Menaretrash unfairly. I believe as a society we have forgotten about the men that are good brothers, boyfriends and husbands,” says Booi.

In addition, she wanted a song that celebrates stupendous men in South Africa and around the world, with the hope that those with unpleasant past will also be inspired to do better and help them heal from whatever traumatic experience that made them villains.

Booi wishes to change the narrative that all men are trash and wants men to be celebrated through her lyrics while she aspires to achieve longevity in her craft. 

In conclusion, Nasiphi Booi says: “Music is just like football; it is universal, it has a way of bringing people together. I also encourage young adults not to be intimidated by challenges but strive in finding new ways of breaking new grounds”.

By Sandra Lesenyeho