Rosy the Tembisa Heroine


Working as a home based caregiver brought the burning desire in Rose Duma to reach out to people who were not taking their medication, as she was going around the community in Tembisa helping sick people, giving care and medication. She then understood that the program was basically giving her a platform and pointing her to her calling.

Mama Rose as she is affectionately called therefore took everything into consideration and focused more in the program and then realised that people had reasons for not taking their medication and one of them being the lack of food as one cannot take medication on an empty stomach.

“Helping people who are in need is my passion”

Mama Rose then started a project called Usizo Community Care Development to assist the needy and feed also the homeless. She played a huge role in the community in helping to feed thousands in this Kasi to Kasi project .The religious woman of God then introduced the project to her Ministry, Calvary Church and the pastors also played a huge role as they also lent a hand and assisted with equipment to support the organisation.

The church also went on to try to find donations from different places to help Mama Rose to be able to help and uplift the community project as a result Usizo Community Care Development was also assisted with clothes and uniform from other communities. 

“Helping people who are in need is my passion”, said Mama Rose. “Growing up I always loved caring and helping people who needed my help and wanted to be a social worker but due to my background it was impossible as I grew without parents so I didn’t complete my matric”.

“But through our church I managed to keep up with Usizo Community Care Development. In 2006 the project was then acknowledged by the department of social development and in 2013 it then caught the attention of other companies who are helping us, such as Pick n pay.

Mama Rose’s passion for the projects sees her using her own little resources to help the needy. As someone who is unemployed she would spend her last to meet the needs of the community.

Through Usizo Community Care Development, Mama Rose distributes food parcels to families in need. She also gathers teenagers and guides them as well as encourages them to take part in some of the sports activities.

The centre is still operational despite the covid-19 pandemic as more people need help during these difficult times. Mama Rose keeps her place clean and makes sure that she complies with covid-19 regulations as she educates the community about the importance of keeping safe.

By Elizabeth Ralekoa