Rising Star: Artist Tsholo Moatshe

Music Sensation Tsholo Moatshe

Tsholo Moatshe is a force to be reckoned with, she is building a name for herself in cut-throat world of Showbiz. She is a Musician, Motivational speaker, Radio presenter/Podcaster, Businesswoman, and a Philanthropist.

Moatshe also has a Non-profit Company called HTC NPC that assists young people with various challenges that they face daily.

In an exclusive interview with SA POSITIVE NEWS Tsholo Moatshe left us in awe of her passion and commitment to the arts and her philanthropic efforts.

She describes herself as a simple, loving young lady. A girl next door who resembles her name. She is the fourth child with two brothers and two sisters.

” I was brought up by my dad. I remember when I was about 7 years old, he’d fetch me from school and go to work with me (at a garage), he’d put me at the cashier counter, for me to assist his customers, He also used to give me people’s phone numbers to memorize them for him”, said Moatshe.

It was back in high school when Tsholo realized her passion in the arts.

“During my high school days, I’d always look forward to being at dance classes, being a part of the Born Armies Dance Group was a bliss. Come to think of it, our young selves reflect who we should really be when we’re older”.

The songstress never looked back. She is a multifaceted artist but is adamant that music is her true calling. Her work ethos is admirable. Tsholo is a perfectionist, always honing her craft.

 “My music is soulful; I call it music of hope (The meaning of my name Tsholofelo). I have a song titled: 1.O Fodise, it talks about the healing of the mind, conscience, and the heart – Without these we as human beings can’t function effectively – hence the GBV, Mental health, Abuse etc. There’s another one titled: Siblings Anthem, which features my siblings – this song is calling on all the siblings of the nations to unite, love one another, embrace each other for who they are no matter what. Another song is Not On My Own, this one is my song of surrender; I wrote it after running away from my music calling for two years and this was me saying Lord, I can’t do this on my own”.

Moatshe has managed to stay relevant in the entertainment scene. However, she admits that the journey hasn’t been smooth sailing at all. When asked about how the journey has been thus far, she had this to say: “it has been a journey and a half, it started in 2003 after tertiary with the award-winning group called Ntsako in Cape Town. A lot happened after that, I was also working in between and by God’s grace I released my first album in 2011 titled: Dumisa. I then released my second album in 2016 which I regard as my memoir called On My Own. I also released a single in 2021 titled: Ho Wena – Ke Ngwana Hao.”

Her Artistry has managed to open doors as far as the United Kingdom and United States of America, an achievement she will never forget.

“My most memorable highlights was taking my first international 10 hour flight to Senegal, Shooting my first music video – Izwi Lakho. A privilege of traveling to the US and UK, hosting a show, seeing people showing up was a huge honour.

“Lowlights were losing important relationships in the industry because I couldn’t lower my pants. One needs to also be secured financially, I had to balance my life doing side hustles because music is expensive, but the passion keeps us going”, Moatshe continued.

She credits Aaliyah, Lauren Hill, Brandy, and Lira as her biggest musical influences. Tsholo would like to collaborate with Senior Oat and Brendan Praise in the near future.

The larger-than-life superstar preaches versatility in showbiz. She believes that will give birth to longevity.

“It is indeed a cut-throat industry, one should understand the game to play it effectively, then one will be able to manoeuvre their way around the industry. There is a lot that I do besides music, I guess my passion kept me there as it always haunts me and it’s unbearable to stay away from the music scene without a firm spiritual grounding, you will never survive without it.”

Tsholo Moatshe has enormous dreams and aspirations for her career in the entertainment industry. Her goal is to heal the world using her most powerful weapon, her voice.

“In 5 years, my wish is for this message of Hope to reach all four corners of the world. My heart is to see lives being transformed, mentally, spiritually and emotionally through my music – talents used effectively, Hearts connected to God, poverty defeated and social ills solved. If my music can make such an impact in the world, my heart will be fulfilled because that’s what I live for.”

The festive season is the busiest time for artists. People are jubilant and want to be entertained.  Tsholo Moatshe will be performing at Alexandria on December 10, 2023 in a Musical Picnic.

 For more information about the event and other upcoming performances, check out @Tsholo_MoatsheSA on all social media platforms.

SA POSITIVE NEWS wishes Tsholo Moatshe all the best in all her future endeavours.

By Sinenzolo Mondi – Nduku