Opinion| South Africans are tired of illegal immigrants

RISKY ORDEAL: Zimbabweans cross the border into South Africa illegally. Pic: JAMES OATWAY. 27/06/2008. © Sunday Times. Illegal Zimbabwean immigrants cross over the border on election day. Zimbabwe crisis.

By Ntsako Shivambu

I love the truth and it has always defined my character as person hence I became part of patriotic South Africans who took a stand against the invasion of South Africa by foreigners.

In 1983 the Nigerian government deported over a million Ghanaians under President Shehu Shagari, the Nigerians felt that their country was invaded by the Ghanaians, this incident had some economic effect to both countries during the time. History is littered with incident of the same nature, wherein citizens feel unsafe due to mass arrival of economic migrants with no special skills who in turn compete with locals for menial jobs.

South Africa is faced with a similar situation to that of Nigeria of the 1960s to the early 1980s, unlike Nigeria; South Africa is invaded by illegal immigrants from all corners of the African continent and east Europe who have turned South Africa into criminal headquarters of the world. It is not only jobs South Africans are losing, but it’s lives also that are taken away by illegal foreigner’s criminal syndicates who have no respect for South African laws.

The disrespect and disregard for our laws started with illegal foreigners who have built shacks in open spaces and connected electricity illegally. For years before the mass arrival of the immigrants, this country had informal settlements and despite the appalling conditions in the shacks no South Africans connected electricity or water illegally.

They have now turned the lives of the South African youth upside down by selling drugs. Women and children are abducted and trafficked, some turned into prostitutes whilst others have their body parts sold on red market. Some are using our country to generate money to finance coups in their countries. How long should South Africans continue to live in fear in their own country because they will be label xenophobic for raising the dangers of undocumented immigrants.

South Africans are expected to keep quiet when even the British had to pull out of European Union because they realized the influx of non-British who began to take over what belonged to them. If Zimbabweans who pose danger to South Africans were in our position, would they allow us South Africans to rob, kill and create chaos in their country? Would they allow us to work in their restaurants? Would they allow us to create dubious churches and swindle money out of their gullible citizens?

Would any country allow us as South Africans to use their health infrastructure without paying and in turn blocking many ordinary citizens to access speedy health services, creating a chaotic situation where sometimes the health centres and hospitals run out of medications and beds? Medical practitioners are over worked in the hospitals in Limpopo because the number of foreigners giving birth keep on growing daily.  Zimbabweans are giving birth en mass in South African hospitals, in towns like Giyani, Thohoyandou, Phalaborwa and Musina. In Limpopo foreign children outnumber local children in schools. These children who don’t even have identification are not accounted for in the school budget which create a problem in the distribution of stationery and school feeding scheme.

Patriotic South Africans have a duty to defend their country when politicians fail, because some of these politicians have made concession with some of the countries that have their citizens flocking to us. Those who are against us who are fed up with illegal immigrants are beneficiaries of these illegal immigrants. They employ, abuse them and pay them peanuts.

Image credit: Sunday Times via Sowetan Live