NPO Launches Walk Against GBV


The scourge of Gender based Violence in South Africa has become unbearable. Just about every turn on the radio button leads one to yet another story of women and children abuse.

Even now in this very second a case of this nature is being reported. And that’s how unnatural it has become of this scourge. 

Police crime statistics indicated that nearly 11 000 cases of rape were reported in the first quarter of 2022. In 2020 when the national lockdown was implemented, more than 120 000 GBV cases were recorded in the country in just the first three weeks, according to an article recently written.

According to a Daily Maverick article – “Worldwide, 27% of women and girls aged 15 and older have experienced physical or sexual intimate partner violence. In South Africa this figure is a shocking one-third or even up to 50%.”

In all the many relentless Non-Profit Organisations’ efforts, charging the establishment and implementation of GBV policies by the South African government, it seems like a cat and mouse run in how long it is taking for these policies to come to pass.

However, this has not in a slightest discourage Carol Mutsharini – founder and president of the NPO Fix a Woman’s Crown’s spirit in fighting, and to be part of the continuum in the highlighting of the importance of this scourge being brought down to its knees.  

Fix a Woman’s Crown is SA’s newly established NPO with the aim of supporting GBV victims and survivors in their healing journey. The organisation announces the launch of its first Health Walk – Know Your Worth Health Walk taking place at Ruimsig Stadium on Saturday, 1 April 2023.

The Know your Worth Health Walk is a family event aimed at raising funds
to enable the implementation of programmes within the NPO’s calendar. It
boosts a 5km and 10km walk / run to allow greater participation by
communities in and around Gauteng.

At the core of it all – to Carol, is that strong established belief in what has come to be just a cliché line that “children are the future”. That the witnessing of the abuse of their mothers or women in their lives, and moreover- themselves experiencing the abuse first hand, robs them of a healthy future, or worse, the actual possibility of that very future.

“This is an exciting time for me as a GBV survivor, as
it says to me you’ve healed, and it is time to assist others in their healing process. This
Walk is the first and one of the many initiatives I plan to carry out to
touch as many lives as possible in our country. South Africa’s future is
in the hands of our children, and most of these children are the most
affected by the GBV pandemic. It is for this reason that I established
this NPO, to not only attend to the needs of the GBV victim, but to also
drill down to the effects these have on the children’s psychology and
outlook on life. This initiative will assist in raising the much needed
funds to make a difference in our communities”, said Carol.

The event is said to be packed with activities, such as entertainment, food
stalls, small business exhibitions, kiddies’ fun area, motivational
talks and networking opportunities. “This is an event with purpose, for
a good cause. I am appealing to South Africa to participate as your
contribution will help in healing our nation one step at a time. Join us
and walk / run for a purpose,” says Mutsharini.

Tickets are available at Quicket from R120 and R220 respectively. Family
packages start from R530 which covers two adults and two children.

For more information about the Walk and if you wish to make a donation to
the NPO kindly contact Helga Klizanie at or Nono
Matuwane at

To engage with the organisation do reach them out on:

Facebook: @Fix A Womans Crown

Twitter: @fixawomanscrown

Instagram: @fixawomanscrown

TikTok:  @fixawomanscrown23

By Cindy Motloung