Mokganyetsi Germina Mashele letting her light shine

Mokganyetsi Germina Mashele

“I always say you will never be like me but have the courage to be authentically you and be unapologetic”, says Mokganyetsi Mashele.

For a person that has struggled in life with her health she stands tall and strides through life and stages like Mrs Universe Africa where she took the crown of the 2nd runner up. “I’m still going to represent South Africa by carrying women on my shoulders when I go to Myanmar for a pageant competition” she says. Mokganyetsi wants the world to see that South African women are strong, compassionate, intelligent and powerful. She elaborates that South African women are able to carry a seed, nourish it and make it grow.

“I’m a survivor of stroke, depression and kidney disease but I have survived it all” says Germina. In addition every time she comes back from hospital she is fully aware that it’s not by chance but it is because God gave her another chance. “Christmas time reminds us that we have been given another chance through Christ Jesus who was born to save us. The festive season is a season of love, a season of celebration, a season of family and a season of joy”, she says.

The past 2 festive seasons have been tough due to the impact of COVID-19. “I want to contribute my love for those in need of love. I want to show care and I urge South Africa to celebrate because we are all still alive”. Mashele’s NPO is already feeding so many people and she expresses with gratitude for that. It is not only about feeding people for Mokganyetsi but more to do with giving back and allowing people to experience the love of Christ through her sharing.

Mokganyetsi Germina Mashele crowned 2nd runner-up at the Mrs Universe Africa 2021 pageant

Mashele is a Chairperson of an NPO called Heart of Beauty. “I believe that I will bring back dignity to homeless people by providing them with a nutritional meal and a warm bath or shower in the CBD of Pretoria and hopefully someday the foundation will have means to provide to every city in South Africa. Furthermore the NPO also takes care of child-led homes. She also teaches young girls in rural areas life skills, personal development and personal growth. “Ultimately I want these girls to believe in themselves”, says Germina.

Mashele has two major projects leading to 2022. The first one is her representing the country in Myanmar and second being very close to her heart which is building a safe corner for homeless people in Pretoria where she would like to provide breakfast and dinner on a daily basis. “ It is close to my heart because I believe if you are fed and smelling  fresh one is able to think straight and likely to be less distractive. My vision of a safe corner is a first step in assisting the country in combating poverty” she adds.

Germina believes she was called to bring light like the meaning of her name Mokganyetsi. “I think my name on its own explains my path”, she expresses. She wants to awaken the light within people of South Africa. She says:“ I believe I have survived everything that society looks at as sickness and disease”. It’s outstanding that she shines her bright light with those she wants to influence. She loves telling her story of what she has been through and what she has seen in order to make society aware that there is still hope.

Mashele laughs and says: “I have been fighting death”. She has survived death on many occasions. Currently she is struggling with a kidney stone. “The pain I feel is enormous and it’s worse than giving birth however it is not a challenge. There are no challenges but rather lessons we need to learn from. We need to all learn the lesson thereafter move on”, she adds.

In future she wants to run an agency where she can teach people about personal development skills and helping them to gain back their confidence. She further aims to win Mrs Grand international next year April.

“My life has been a roller coaster and I have no regrets but rather a beautiful journey of self discovery even though a lot of tears have been involved” says Mashele. She is living her dream in pageantry and influencing people positively as she lives her best life.

Mokganyetsi shares her words of encouragement by saying: “work on being truly yourself and don’t shy away from who you truly are no matter what anyone’s says. Be authentic and don’t apologize”.

By Sandra Lesenyeho