Kushinda Academy Presents Entrepreneurship in Catering Masterclass


“The main objective for this masterclass is to empower entrepreneurs in the catering and events industry…”

The Kushinda Academy will hold an exclusive 5-day Entrepreneurship in Catering Masterclass on 8 – 12 July 2024, where aspiring and established entrepreneurs in the catering industry will have an opportunity to develop and upskill their knowledge to successively elevate their businesses for sustainable growth.

Top celebrity chefs, Lebo the Funny Chef, Chef Mbombi including other captains of industry will spearhead the comprehensive masterclass that will cover Self-Mastery and Business Blueprint Development, Culinary Creativity and Menu Innovation, Mastering of Flavours, Food and Hygiene Safety, Strategic Marketing and Brand-building, Event Planning and Coordination, Financial Management Strategies, Legendary Customer Service Excellence and Legal Compliance.

In an exclusive interview with SA POSITIVE NEWS The Founder and CEO of Kushinda Caterers and Academy, Nonhlanhla Manganye, who is an entrepreneur that is passionate about culinary art said “the main objective for this masterclass is to empower entrepreneurs in the catering and events industry to have the resilience of creating businesses that will be of high quality standards, furthermore it will be worth attending as it will provide participants with ground breaking insights for their businesses to flourish and they will gain the knowledge of having innovative ways in ensuring that their businesses stand out from the competitive industry”.

Nonhlanhla continued… “Kushinda Academy Masterclass was inspired by the vision to empower aspiring and established entrepreneurs in the catering industry. The mandate of the Entrepreneur in Catering Masterclass is to provide holistic training experience that blends business strategy, culinary skills, exceptional customer service and legal compliance. This ensures participants are well-rounded and prepared for the demands of the industry.”

The Master Class will be held at the Kushinda Academy in Florida, West of Johannesburg and the registration information is available on the website www.kushindaacademy.com

Attendees of the masterclass can expect in-depth training sessions covering the latest trends and techniques in catering, hands-on culinary practices, business management strategies, and insights into legal obligations and effective HR practices.

When asked, why should entrepreneurs in the culinary world attend the masterclass – Nonhlanhla Manganye had this to say: “Entrepreneurs should attend this masterclass to gain a competitive edge, network with industry professionals, and acquire the skills necessary to succeed and grow their businesses.”

Kushinda means to win in Swahili, it embodies the ethos of excellence. Kushinda Academy distinguishes itself through its comprehensive curriculum that goes beyond basic culinary skills. The Academy integrates business training, focuses on current industry trends, and emphasises legal and human resources aspects, providing a well-rounded education tailored for the competitive catering industry.

By Sinenzolo Mondi