Incoko Yethu: Are we an equal society?


Incoko Yethu was founded in 2017, by Zikhona Miso, it is a platform that gets people from different aspects of life in one place to discuss various topics and societal issues.

I started this platform because I felt that there were a lot of topics in the 21st century that society is faced with and are being discussed but not in-depth as they should be. I thought it would be an amazing idea to get different views from different people about these topics and how they have somehow impacted them or those around them, and at the end of the day find solutions moving forward”, said Zikhona.

Incoko Yethu founder, Zikhona Miso

Equality is a word that has a different meaning to each and every one of us; whether it is gender equality, workplace equality or economic equality amongst different groups within society – it is a hot topic. The Incoko Yethu conversation this past weekend was centred on the topic of equality – whose responsibility is it to equalise society.

Incoko Yethu brought an understanding as to where the different inequalities stemmed from and what was the way forward in tackling these. It also shed light on those who didn’t know much about the topic. Even though it will take time to achieve equality as  we want it and in all sectors, having conversations around the matter will help.

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By: Yami Nhlenyama @yamiyama_