iFani’s heart-warming gesture

SA rapper & MC iFani

Mzayifani Mzondeleli Boltina, better known as iFani, Mr Haymani is a South African Hip-Hop/Rap artist, MC and television presenter. He can safely add “Humanitarian” to his already impressive CV.

iFani took to twitter to announce that he will be blessing 100 followers with “iimpahla zeKrismes” meaning clothes for Christmas, with a budget of R800 per person.

He tagged @AdisasZA on the tweet to assist him in making this heart-warming gesture a reality. Mr Haymani has a heart of gold and we are for it. This is the content we signed up for.

Charity donations are often more popular during the festive period. This is perhaps because we remember Jesus and how He helped those around Him regardless of their wealth or status.

It could also be because Christmas is about celebrating what and who you have. So, it’s important to remember those who may have very little or who could be in need of help this Christmas. Kudos to you Ifani!

You can DM Mr Haymani on Twitter @Ifani_Haymani to get “imphahla zakho zeKrismes” Make it snappy because he is only giving 100 people. “Akanamali”

By Sinenzolo Mondi Nduku