HWPL unveils Peace Monument in Johannesburg


On February 3, 2023, the unveiling ceremony of the HWPL Peace Monument was held at Chief Luthuli Primary in Ekurhuleni, Johannesburg East, South Africa. Around 120 people attended, including Councillor Sarah Mnisi, members of the Ekurhuleni Education District, department heads, students, and community members.

The peace monument was inaugurated with joint efforts from Heavenly Culture, World Peace, Restoration of Light (HWPL), and Chief Luthuli Primary School No. 1. This is the second monument built in South Africa, after the Royal Bafokeng in 2015.

In 2021, several Gauteng schools were rocked by fatal incidents attributed to gangsterism and social ills spilling into the school environment. This cycle of violence, such as school stabbings, bullying, and rape culture, makes it hard for schools to run normally. 

After signing an MOA with Ekurhuleni North Education District in 2021, HWPL conducted peace education training with 30 teachers representing approximately 20 schools. 

Teachers unveil Peace Monument

Chief Luthuli Primary School principal, Mr. Peter Manana, thanked the Ekurhuleni Education District for making the partnership possible. He said, “Had it not been for the Education District, we wouldn’t be part of this occasion. It is an honour to have the monument here because it symbolizes peace and our passion.” The principal added that they have been having problems with bullying and violence in schools. “Once teachers begin talking about peace education, you will embrace a sense where learners must buy in and subscribe to peace so that even in class, there aren’t a lot of disturbances and also hooliganism in our schools.”

Through the erection of this peace monument, HWPL hopes to build momentum for spreading a culture of peace in Southern Africa through the Peace Education Program. As this is the second monument built in Africa, the international peace organization hopes more will soon follow, not only in schools but also in the community.

Matthew Sibeko, Chairperson of the School Governing Body, praised the school staff for participating in the peace education training and expressed hope that all African schools would have the same opportunity. He said that peace education is the foundation of each and every human being. “If you are at peace, you have everything in your life because, wherever you go, you just find peace, and everything comes easy to you.”

As a peace teacher, Ms. Zanele Maphanga, Head of the Languages Department at Chief Luthuli Primary School, said in her testimony:

“The power of peace in education bridges the gap between the rich and poor and builds solidarity.” She added, “I thank the HWPL for not giving up on us. May we always continue to spread the work of peace and heavenly culture.”

This year marks a decade of HWPL efforts toward realizing a violence-free society and their commitment to the Declaration of World Peace proclaimed by Chairman Man Hee Lee in 2013. HWPL will continue to carry out various activities in Southern Africa to change the culture of violence into a culture of peace. 

For more information about HWPLs peace activities, please contact Ilse Meyer at (+27) 0718018159 / 087150 8781

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