High School Pupils in Rural KZN Receive Bicycle Donation


“We are planning to expand the project to supply pupils with bicycles in the Eastern Cape…”


Access to education remains a barrier for many South African children within the rural areas, with limited transport being one of the hurdles to overcome. However, for some 30 to 40 senior high school pupils on the KZN lower South Coast, their future has been made brighter with the donation of bicycles by NPO managed by Serenity Hills named the Sweetbike Community Project.

The Sweetbike Community Project falls under the Serenity Hills Skills Upliftment Center established by international donors and Swiss entrepreneurs, the Wenger family in 2015. Sam Wenger, now the Development Director for Serenity Hills, ensures this community initiative remains an integral part of the eco-focused estate near Margate on the KZN South Coast.

Ayanda Masengemi, Associate Director at Serenity Hills who oversees the Sweetbike project, explained: “Of the utmost importance is assisting the pupils in getting to school on time so they can enjoy full attendance and excel in the final phase of high school. We want to see a high pass rate and we are so privileged to be a part of facilitating their success.”

The Sweetbike initiative was implemented in 2018 because of the dire need for a low-cost and accessible mode of transportation for school children within rural areas. Countless pupils were forced to drop out of school due to the high costs of public transportation and the long distances other learners must walk to access public schools.

To create a regular supply of quality bicycles, second-hand bicycles are donated, largely by residents in Europe and shipped to South Africa. They are then refurbished at the Sweetbike Workshop which forms part of the Skills Center at Serenity Hills, employing and upskilling people from the local communities. Once the bikes are refurbished, they are donated to children attending rural schools covering the entire Municipal district of Ray Nkonyeni Municipality.

The latest donation was made to Mlonde High School in Lamonti within Ray Nkonyeni Municipality. This brings the total number of bikes donated to remote schools in the region to approximately 2 300 modes of transport! Students also receive helmets to safeguard themselves. The bicycle beneficiaries are selected according to distance from the schools, family background, financial considerations, and the individual’s behaviour track record at school. To maintain the safety of the bicycles, the students received lockers and the school prints serial numbers on each one and monitors the upkeep by each recipient.

Commenting on the future of the Sweetbike project, Masengemi said: “We are planning to expand the project to supply pupils with bicycles in the Eastern Cape. We also wish to expand our community outreach efforts and add initiatives that will benefit the local community and show our deep commitment to their advancement and prosperity.”

The Sweetbike NPO is one example of the commitment of Serenity Hills developers to community upliftment and sustainable solutions. Such projects are creating a lot of interest in estates around South Africa with buyers appreciating the importance of supporting local communities, maintaining positive relations, and identifying sustainable solutions to socio-economic conditions.  

The eco-focused estate is set to launch Phase 2 in the spring of this year. This will give investors the chance to secure upmarket ridge plots with expansive ocean views, all constructed in the Serenity Hills style of modern comfort within natural beauty.

Buyers for Phase 1 have come from as far as Canada, the United Kingdom, Switzerland, and Germany, taking advantage of the security, coastal location, and all-inclusive facilities. This includes the clubhouse, extensive trails through 70ha private conservation, sports amenities, and the award-winning The Packshed restaurant.

The eco-conscious design of each of the 600 units supports community living with modern and high-quality finishes. All units are fitted with gas installation, solar-ready electrical installation to support backup power systems, and gutters for rain harvesting collection. The estate also has on-site reservoirs to supplement the water supply. 

Buyers keen to get significant value for their investment are encouraged to check out the remaining plots available in Serenity Hills before the launch of Phase 2! Buying a home in Serenity Hills is more than just enjoying a quality lifestyle – due to the area’s rental market demand, Serenity Hills is also a great investment opportunity.

To find out more or to book a viewing at Serenity Hills, visit www.serenityhills.co.za.

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