Exclusive: One on One with Big Brother Mzansi Season 3 Top Five


Out of a million auditions and only 18 walked into the house; Big Brother Mzansi (BBM) introduced five (Top 5) most interesting characters to our screens and we cannot get enough.

SA Positive News conversation with Themba, Libo, Thulz, Gash and season winner Mphowabadimo will give you an insight on the housemates’ experience and more.

The fierce and strongly rooted traditional healer Michelle Dimpho Mvundla also known as Mphowabadimo walked into the house with God and her ancestors. She managed to walk out of the house R2 million richer and with great bonds formed.

After the celebration Mpho says that she found a note where she had written down her fate which only strengthened her belief in speaking things into existence. “I’m proud of every one of the housemates. Making it into the house alone is a win in my eyes,” she said.

BBM Season 3 winner Michelle Dimpho Mvundla aka as Mphowabadimo

BBM also introduced Themba, a strong character who brought a lot of controversy with regards to who he really is. The experience had a positive impact on him as he mentions that he was an impatient individual and was not fond of being around a lot of people unlike now.

His character had a lot of people, specifically the housemates judging him and also criticizing his appearance. “Everybody judged me when they first met me and that was my aim, to show people that you cannot judge a person based on how they look”, said Themba. With him being a former pastor and still being Christian rooted, he has redefined the stigma behind tattoos.

Themba Mabaso

Another contestant who went into the house with a winner’s mind is Libo Njomba. The colourful housemate says that the reason behind him auditioning was that an acquaintance of his told him that his character belongs on a media platform.

Libo believes that the experience changed him and he has grown from the moment he walked into the house and has also managed to form strong bonds with some of the housemates, namely Themba and the season winner Mphowabadimo.

Libo says his strength which happens to also be his weakness is his emotions, which explains why he did not want a relationship with his housemate Mphowabadimo. “I also felt like she had too much power on me because my moods were influenced by hers,” he said.

Libo Njomba

A villain in the eyes of the viewers and of the housemates, Tulani Tulz Madala is definitely not what he painted himself out to be in the house. He explains by saying that everything was just part of the game to him and the role he played was part of his strategies.

“It was all a game however there were moments that were genuine” he said, further explaining that he genuinely liked everyone in the house but the main goal was to get the money. The character had viewers and the housemates at the edge of their seats as no one knew what to expect from him.

Tulz infamous lucky jersey also had eyebrows raised however according to him that was another part of his strategy to get people talking. “I’m hoping people will allow themselves to get to know the real me, apart from the role I chose to play”.

Thulani Tulz Madala

A contestant who grabbed the ladies’ attention happens to be Gashwan Mthombeni also known as Gash1. He walked out of Big Brother Mzansi with love by his side and with the belief that money only goes to its rightful owner. Behind the well-built physique lies a believer and family orientated man: “throughout the show I kept on saying that I do not want to see my family”, he said, explaining that if he had seen them and especially his son he would have walked out of the game. Gash1 expressed his belief by praying for almost everything he consumed.

Gashwan Mthombeni

We hope to see more of the BBM top 5 in our screens – spreading their wings.

By Lineo Khabele for SA Positive News