Elliot’s Maths Genius Gains Momentum

Vuyani Nkalitshane

Vuyani Nkalitshane’s story entices relevant people

It is certainly true that “passion breeds success”. Ulundi circuit recruited Vuyani Nkalitshane to share his mathematics skills to benefit the youth of Wesley Methodist. This, came after SA Positive News published his story, three months ago (26 June 2020).

Nkalitshane is a passionate mathematics genius who helps high school learners with Maths in his community. The story gained quite a monumental traction, and because of its profundity, landed on prominent readers who then offered him an opportunity to teach Maths online.

On a follow up interview, Nakilitshane revealed that weeks after the story was published by SA Positive News, he received a call from the Queenstown Wesley Church district office, requesting him to facilitate maths lessons live on the church’s Facebook page. He however was skeptical about this request with the exception that he prerecords the lessons instead, due to various reasons including anxiety and pressure which would be elicited by live-recording.

“The notion of live recording caused me to shiver in my boots, as a result, we opted for uploading pre-recorded videos, “said Nkalitshane. He further elaborated that pre-recorded videos will be more precise and free of errors.

Vuyani Nkalitshane recording his online Maths lessons

Nkalitshane is of the perception that, in order for learners to excel in mathematics, they need to grasp it from the lower grades. He further pressed that if the foundation is not steadfast, then maths becomes this gigantic barrier too great to defeat in upper grades. This conviction impelled him to see a need for the redirection of attention to other grades as well. The decision came after everyone was only concerned about Grade12 learners.

However, Nkalitshane divulged that “I suggested that, instead of solely focusing on assisting the grade 12 learners, the focus should be shifted to the other grades, which have been put in the periphery,”.

The project commenced on Monday 07 September and the lessons will be available on the church’s Facebook page (MCYU Queenstown Synod) in the week of the 25th of the same month. “Although, the idea is to make videos, seeing learners showing interest and attending really motivates me,” he revealed. Nkalitshane assists all grades that are in the senior phase.

The schedule is as follows: on Mondays, lessons for grade 8 learners are posted, on Tuesdays, he posts grade 9 lessons and so forth. All these lessons go up at three o’clock in the afternoon on weekdays. Follow up questions from learners are can be sent to Nkalitsane’s WhatsApp number: 078 151 3523 and his Facebook page (Vuyani Myirha Nkalithsane).

“Because, I was asked by my circuit to do these revisions, I am still not certain whether this was only for this year, since the school schedule was disrupted” said Nkalitshane. However, I possess no predicament even if they continue, my schedule permitting me, I will continue offering the service,” concluded Nkalitshane.

By Vuyokazi Mdlungu