Eastern Cape sisters set new world swimming records


Two young Eastern Cape sisters have set two new world swimming records in the sea around Cape Town.

 11 year old Issataya Bredell became the youngest to swim 8,5 kilometers from Cape Point to False Bay while her 13 year old sister, Abriellla became the youngest to swim the 12 kilometers around Robben Island.

Issatataya’s swim from Diaz beach at Cape Point to Buffels Bay tidal pool in False Bay is not for the faint hearted. She had to face icy cold water temperatures as well as the threat of sharks and other predators lurking in the ocean. Issataya says it was tough and she became really tired and cold but that she promised herself that she wasn’t going to stop.

A the same time, 13 year old sister Abriella left from Blouberg Strand via boat to do her swim around Robben Island. The 12 kilometer swim took her three hours and 30 minutes while Issataya’s swim at Cape Point took her four hours.

In 2018 Abriella then aged 11 became the youngest person to swim from Robben Island to Blouberg Strand raising close to R150 000 for the Red Cross Children’s Hospital.

Source: SABC