Cookout Africa Festival to debut on Heritage Day


Cookout Africa Festival makes its grand debut on September 24th, South Africa’s Heritage Day, at the vibrant Victoria Yards in Johannesburg.


This one-of-a-kind culinary extravaganza, curated by Creative Director, Sylvia Kinyanjui, promises to be a food lovers paradise, offering an unparalleled array of delectable dishes from across the African continent.

Cookout Africa is much more than a festival; it’s a celebration of the diverse and rich culinary heritage of Africa. With a carefully curated selection of over 20 food vendors representing various African countries, attendees can indulge in a kaleidoscope of flavours that will transport them on a gastronomic journey like no other.

“We have meticulously handpicked each food vendor to ensure that our guests experience the full spectrum of Africa’s culinary treasures. From the aromatic spices of the Arabic North to the rich and hearty stews of the West, Cookout Africa promises a melting pot of tastes and traditions,” enthused Sylvia Kinyanjui, the mastermind behind this delectable event.

In an exclusive interview with SA POSITIVE NEWS Co-founder of the Cookout Africa Festival, Mpho Maimane echoed Sylvia Kinyanjui’s sentiments.

“It’s very difficult to see all nations in one space. And my inspiration is from local businesses that are not recognized, and I realized that it is possible to get all 54 countries in one space and to introduce people to what Africa can offer for example food, jewellery, clothing etc but in this case we would like to focus on the different dishes that each country has to offer”, said Mpho Maimane.

Prepare to savour the succulent braais of South Africa, delicate injera and spicy stews from Ethiopia, flavourful jollof rice from Nigeria, and the exquisite fusion of Indian and Cape Malay dishes.

Mpho Maimane, co-founder of Cookout Africa

“I think as African nations, it is very important for us to learn about neighbouring countries in order for us to have some knowledge in assisting the local businesses through experience and advertising by having them showcasing their expertise through Cookout Africa”, said Maimane.

“Cookout Africa is a celebration of unity through food, where people can come together, share stories, and connect through the universal language of cuisine. Our festival is a testament to the richness of our cultures and how they intertwine to create a beautiful culinary mosaic.” added Sylvia Kinyanjui.

Beyond the incredible food offerings, Cookout Africa also boasts a captivating lineup of musical performances that perfectly complement the culinary experience, creating an unforgettable ambiance that celebrates the vibrant spirit of Ubuntu.

Mpho Maimane reiterated that the festival is a once in a lifetime opportunity for local businesses to thrive, network and ultimately broaden their horizons. That is the vision of the Cookout Africa Festival.

“I would really like to see local businesses reach their ultimate goal by being recognized not only by surrounding areas but worldwide”, Maimane said.

In conclusion, Mpho Maimane encouraged food lovers, culture enthusiasts and every proud African citizen to come and experience the Cookout Africa Festival

“People should come and experience the different cultures in Africa and experience the diversity in all aspects. Cookout Africa should ignite a sense of Ubuntu and bringing everyone together irrespective of the cultural differences and beliefs, this event is for us all to enjoy”.

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By Sinenzolo Mondi – Nduku