Camilla Waldman pays tribute to Jamie Bartlett

Late actor Jamie Bartlett with actress Camilla Waldman and their son Hector

Actress Camilla Waldman pays a touchy tribute to her ex-husband, the late Jamie Bartlett. The two stars had a son together, Hector.

The veteran actor was buried at St. George’s Cathedral in Cape Town on June 2 in an intimate ceremony attended by close friends and family members.

The nation is still mourning the loss of this giant. South Africans are still saddened by his passing.

“David Genaro” as he was affectionately known, left a gigantic mark in the entertainment industry. The thespian was admired for his talent and generosity. His legacy will definitely live on for future generations to applaud.

The former Generations actress Camilla Waldman remembered the Actor in a very touchy Instagram post – to solemnize their journey together since meeting in 1992.

Camilla shared a stunning family portrait and penned a heart-heart-warming message to “David Genaro.”

“Rest in peace Jamie Bartlett, father to Hector, friend, fellow-actor, V8 Fairlane force, urging me, us, to meet life — curious, fearless, running ahead to meet the ball — going big or not at all. I knew your picture before your presence. We were young together, there was a lot we didn’t yet know. And you shook my world. You called me out, you taught me, you gave me Hector, I tattooed your name and wanted to love you forever. We carry your imprint, Jamie — Hector and I — and we remember you. And we are not alone, you meant a lot to many. You are remembered You are loved, Jamie. Be at peace friend.” she said.

May He continue to Rest in eternal peace!!!

By Sinenzolo Mondi – Nduku