ADVERTORIAL| Win with Social Media and Learn to Materialise your Business Idea


All businesses, especially small businesses and those who aspire to start their businesses and have their business ideas materialized will be hosted by The Chozens SMMA (Social Media Marketing Agency) and Administration Firm in Johannesburg together with GN (George Ndhlovu) brand at Africa Museum in Newtown Johannesburg on the 28th of July from 10:00am – 14:00pm.

The purpose of this event is to bring together in one room all individuals who aspire to make change and contribute to our economy.

“These are testing times, everyone should think outside the box and do every bit of their work – to benefit them and the whole country, hence we saw the need to put this event together and bring everyone in one room to work towards achieving great things.”

“It is true, if you want to achieve a lot, have a team or surround yourself with other visionaries, everyone has different skills and imagine if those can be put together for good use, we will create many job opportunities and win together”, said Bulelwa Fobosi, one of the event hosts.

“The biggest challenge for entrepreneurs is start-up capital and getting clients. Come join us as I will be unpacking and give pointers on how you can position yourself or business. Start-up capital, business expansion funding, business proposals, tenders and complaints will be the topic of the day. I am George Ndhlovu, your accredited business coach and mentor. I have started and sustain three businesses. I have created around 300 jobs across my portfolio. You don’t want to miss this seminar” – said George Ndhlovu.

This is one of the life changing events that all small businesses and unemployed individuals have been waiting for. As per the organisers, this type of event will happen bi-monthly. The individuals and companies don’t just need to attend but they can exhibit to showcase their work.

The structure of an event is not just to sit and listen to speakers but to also debate on a few points that will help everyone go back to the drawing board and tighten their strategies.

Amongst the speakers, there will be business coach and an entrepreneur Mr. George Ndhlovu (GN) who will be sharing insights on how to materialise your business idea and, mentor Ms. Letta Mabuya will be talking everyone through the steps of the implementation process.

If you’d like to enquire about this event, kindly contact the organisers on +27 81 367 3206

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