TV host & model Kim Jade celebrates phenomenal women


#Kimsinstameet celebrated the fruits of other women’s labour

A model and TV host wrapped the women’s month in a mesmerising manner

As the 2020 women’s month came to an end, Kim Jade recognised and celebrated the labour of seven exceptional Instagramers. This celebration came as veneration to a phenomenal woman, as women from all spheres are celebrated for their remarkable work in their respective fields during the month of August.

Jayde herself is a multi-award winning television host, blogger, model and managing director (MD) of KJ Productions. She is the quintessential jack of all trades and an ultimate creative. As such, she curated #KimInstameet, which saw the materialisation of a wholesome dialogue with other accomplished women.

These women included: (@queenofjozi; @carissacupido; @sarakapay; @the_goldenrose; @leddi_g; @hey_kudisco and @victoriaolivern) who persisted on creating and inspiring with their content throughout the lockdown. The celebration occurred in Ganico Organic Farm where the women were collaborating and creating content. The celebration did not elude the seven phenomenal African Fashion Designers (Mantsho, JJ Schoeman, Parooz, DFlo Apparel, Erre, Sun Goddess and Bam Collective) whose talents were laid bare and reflected in the garments in which the guests shot.

Elaborating on the motive behind #KimInstameets, Jayde divulged that, “After several years working in the industry as a model, then as a television host, I saw a true need for more diversity in the production space”. She ensued that, “I had great ideas and had come to know incredibly
talented young photographers, videographers and editors”.

Jayde also shared that KJ productions sprung to life in order to  pave a way for young African creatives,  to enable them to tell authentic stories, execute amazing campaigns and curate beautiful experiences.

The presence of Latoya West; a professional make-up artist was marked by perfect face beats worn by the ladies.

Without the presence of cameras, the ladies had in-depth discussions around imperative issues such as gender based violence, patriarchy and the industry in which they live and work.

There is a popular notion that women are each other’s enemies and they strive to pull each other down. However, these ladies challenged and rewrote this narrative as they moved around, commending and ushering each other with uplifting words and imparting each other with wisdom.

A buffet lunch was served before guests foraged through the farm, learning about organic farming in the area while customising their drinks with lavender, granadillas and other edible flowers grown on the farm.

“Ultimately it was a beautiful day out of the city, which left the women inspired and empowered “, said Jayde.

“This is the first of many intimate curated experiences, as KJ Productions  expands to do so much more than brand campaigns”, concluded Jayde.

By Vuyokazi Mdlungu

image: SA Creatives Network