Opinion | King Dalidyebo’s demand for DNA test is exemplary


The fiasco taking place at the house of Abathembu is unfortunate but a lesson for other Kingdoms.

The History Kingdom which has for centuries stood against the oppressor suffered an unfortunate and embarrassing historic moment when its seating King was found guilty and sentenced to jail time. This case which raises questions about the respect for African Traditional Laws versus the Roman-Dutch Law will forever remind those in Traditional leadership on how they remained mum when a King was humiliated.

The King was sentenced for taking a decision in a Traditional court which led to the burning of the houses of the suspects who were trialled. The King made the decision as per norm and how their clans has operated for centuries.

In a world governed by white men laws; the King’s decisions were declared criminal. The King served his time and during his time in jail his son Azenathi became a regent. A son taking over the throne whilst his father is alive; a taboo in many African cultures. A culture that only requires the King’s brother or the Queen to be a regent. The son of Sabata when released tried to ask his son Azenathi to return the baton but the young man was defiant and refused to hand it back to his father.

Buyelekhaya Dalidyebo went berserk due to the disrespect he endured from his son. The King asked that his son; must go through a DNA test as he suspected that the boy might not be his.

The irony is that Azenathi’s mother is a High Court Judge in Mthatha; a court that found Buyelekhaya guilty. The decision by Dalidyebo is correct and should encourage all men to follow suit. There are thousands of men in our society who are raising kids who are not theirs unaware. It is good to raise a kid who is not yours whilst you know not under the false pretense.

By: Ntsako Shivambu