MacG’s Podcast and Chill scores new sponsorship deal


Poscast and chill is without a shadow of doubt, the biggest and most talked about podcast in the county if not the continent.

MacG is quite a fine broadcaster, he is spontaneous and outrageous. Definitely not afraid to tackle the most difficult and controversial issues.

The former radio host’s candid interviewing style sometimes gets him in hot water. His recent interview with American singer Arie Lennox took an uncomfortable turn when MacG asked her a cringe worthy sexual question in a manner that viewers described as crass.

The singer somehow brushed off the question and later took to twitter saying that her experience with MacG may have put her off doing interviews for life. Arie also said she will never set foot in South Africa. As expected Tweeps had a field day, some supporting MacG, some slamming the American for not being a great spot.

It seems that the notion, every publicity is good publicity is true because they have just bagged a cool sponsorship deal courtesy of Moja chicken. This is great news for the religious watchers of podcast and chill who have been with the show through thick and thin.

Way to go Chillers!!!

By Sinenzolo Mondi – Nduku


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