Lebohang Rameetse transforming lives with her talent

Lebo Rameetse

“I believe we all have gifts and talent we just need to dig deep”

It is so easy to wonder about Lebohang Rameetse’s boundless passion for life but when one looks closer it’s evident that it’s the unmerited favor backed up by the grace imparted by God and that also makes her zestful. She is a creative, teacher, leader, mother, daughter, wife and friend.

Lebohang is a multilayered creative which is a trait that has always been displayed even when she was fully operating her photography company where she would create portraits of couples, weddings, maternity shoots, little bit of wild life and merchandise shots. “ I have a photography company which is currently dormant but I would like to go back maybe when my schedule is less busy from changing people’s lives in a positive manner”, says Lebo.

Her most obvious talents are singer-songwriter, producer, composer, recording artist and vocal coach. Through her vocal coaching abilities she has changed people’s lives by transforming them to perform at their maximum potential. She also loves working with her hands and says “I love bringing things to life and one of my love languages which I consider a power tool is working with my hands”.

Rameetse with no doubt is a God fearing woman and it comes out in every part of her life. “I love going through life with a deep rooted faith”, she says Lebo. When asked about one of her greatest achievements without wavering she says “my greatest achievement is learning how to love because love requires a lot from us”. Lebo’s love is continuously reflected in her interactions in leadership and how she talks about her family and friends. When she speaks about her loved ones you can hear the love carried in her voice.

The singer remembers music as always being her normal and how her family has always used music as an instrument of expression. “My dad used to play LP’s around the house” she adds. Even though she jokes about “from the womb I was entrenched with the culture of music”, perhaps there is some truth to that since she can’t pin point that moment she fell in love with music. Lebo had an opportunity to join her sister and her sister’s husband on a gospel tour in Europe where she was able to share the word through music. Lebo recalls this moment as though it was yesterday and says “the tour was around Christmas time and I found it magical with the snow and incredible Christmas decorations”.

God has a way of carrying his children and a tendency of making them outstanding. It is no surprise that Lebo holds a leadership role at the Every Nation Church in Rosebank. In this space she is able to transform people’s lives as she shares the word of God and teaches members of the congregation how to reach out to the public using skillful ways of singing. Lebo is responsible for leading the church into the future while God leads her direction for the church.

“SINC Entertainment is an incredible company where I got the opportunity to be part of SA idols as a vocal coach and preliminary judge and also worked with the Voice Nigeria” says Lebo.

“All my siblings sing and when we’re all together it’s like a mini concert”. Rameetse had a blissful childhood even though she lost her father at 5 years of age; her mother did a marvelous job raising her and her siblings. Lebo is married to Tebogo Rameetse and together they have three children Bophelo, Botlhale and Botlalo.

Lebo’s next adventure is perusing a course in interior design. “I love empty spaces and turning them into warm inviting spaces by just the use of color” she expresses.

The songstress does not hesitate to mention that she looks forward to releasing albums both for the church and in her solo capacity while she continues to transform people’s lives by grooming them and preparing them for local and international stages. “I believe we all have gifts and talents we just need to dig deep” she adds.

“My primary calling is getting to know God, spread His name through music and stepping into His presence by accepting who he says I am” says Rameetse.

Lebo’s message is: “learn to be content in whatever season you are in and don’t wish for what others have”. Lastly she says: “believe in something, stand for something and enjoy your life”.

By Sandra Lesenyeho