Jo’burg Poet Inspires Growth in Uncertain Times

Amanda Wichnann

“Poetry gives me the opportunity to paint with words…”

Johannesburg poet and teacher, Amanda Wichmann, will be hosting a ladies poetry workshop on Saturday afternoon on the 26th of June.

It will be a time of growth in the midst of uncertainty. The workshop will be held at Wakey Wakey Coffee Shop in Edenvale. A local artist, Claire Scheepers, will also have some of her art work on display.

SA Positive News caught up with Amanda Wichmann:

What does poetry means to you?

Poetry gives me the opportunity to paint with words. It is when the heart and mind meet and have conversation. It is a form of healing for me; it is also prophetic at times and speaks to someone in the future. It is a quiet and deep place for me. Poetry is supposed to move you. It’s not just words. The poem could be a few lines but the heart behind it will speak and you will hear it. Poetry forms into a tapestry of words that mean something. There are many forms of poetry, my words are different and I move within free verse.

How can people use poetry to heal?

It taps into your innermost, where there are things you hide from. Becoming real and authentic with who you are will be the first step to move into that place of healing. Words can release the healing process after a traumatic experience. I think it can be hard for someone to tap into themselves, to the root of things. Sometimes just a few words put together can release a hurt or just make you aware that you are human and you need healing.

A ‘wake up’ moment, that point when you release things through your own words about pain, rejection and hurt, it the start of healing. The recognition of your journey through words is the beginning of healing and inner growth.

Poetry is also about joy, when speaking or writing about something that brings you joy is also a form of healing because you cannot stay in that place of hurt or pain. Poetry also helps you to recognise the simple things.

I think Covid -19 has caused many to start thinking about the human journey and about God and our purpose.

Booking is essential for the workshop. Covid-19 regulations will apply.

“Come and be inspired. Let’s learn, share, connect and grow”

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