First-ever Kids Market


Three Kasi Morden fathers have decided to come together and put together the first-ever Kids Market aimed at giving kids a life skill, grooming young entrepreneurs by letting them run their own stall with an adult’s supervision. this will let them learn and have fun at the same time.

There is a high rate of absent fathers in today’s world but these three modern fathers are here to change the script, Kagiso Moerane, Nyaope Ngibane, and Nelson papdesh Ngebane have hosted quite a few events in the entertainment industry but none of which accommodated their kids as fathers that they are.

“ We have decided to host an event for the kids well fortunately not by kids but the whole purpose of this event is to give kids and life skill and intrapreneurial life skills get them to interact with people, teach them how to use money and things like that, so it’s basically just installing a life skill with thing these kids while they’re still young with the hope that they might be interested in getting into business one day and opening up a small business that’s directly going to have a positive impact on in and Society and the economy at large” said Kagiso

He added: “It is this the first time that we are hosting such an event yes we usually done dance parties and festival typa like events you know, where the core of the whole event is basically entertainment, musical entertainment, artists, performing DJs.

With this event (Kids Market) we wanted to do something different and something that’s very positive within the community, and we feel that this is going to have a great impact on the community. To ensure that we have the backing of the whole community we’ve had to do house to house marketing within the community first before going abroad or going outside of our community and we can say that the people in the community are really interested in seeing this happen they want to be involved and they think it’s a great initiative generally.

Though the is for the kids, it still is a market day where everyone is accommodated as there will be different stalls, playing area for other kids (jumping castles, water slides etc), Beer garden for the adults, performing DJs and safe parking , so its not going to be a boring kids party, no its your usual market day but with the change element of having kids handling the business side of things instead.

“With this event not only are we empowering kids but in organizing and running of the event we have the youth that we are mentoring in different departments from Sound, lights, production, event management (organizing and running). And this is only the first of many to come as we are planning to have an event every two months. This first will have only have 16 stalls due to the space we have but our aim to grow the event to a point where we host it in a stadium,” said Kagiso

The event will be taking place on the 27th of October in Zone 8 Park, Meadowlands Soweto.


By: Bradley Brizzy