Business Corner with Niq Sibanda| A thin line called innovation


There is a problem. Someone figures out how to solve it. The creative thinking process is called innovation.

Not all innovation is helpful though. That is why we have ethics and laws. Beyond this, some innovation is not necessarily the creative type but rather finding better ways of doing something. It is here that entrepreneurship lies.
“Don’t reinvent the wheel”, doesn’t mean you can’t make the wheel better.

The entrepreneur innovates on the go. Like a sports coach they balance their dressing room strategy with a careful study of the playing field. However, creativity without solving an existing problem is merely a hobby or an invention.

Innovation is a thin line. Too little of it, you are bland and indistinguishable from the rest, overdone you fall off the horse on the other side.

As you look into your new business year, make sure you match innovation with the solution of your clients’ problems. How do you find out what these are? Research.

Don’t get new machines when you need your staff trained for better service delivery. Don’t make capital investment when you can form a strategic alliance.

Niq Sibanda