Shincheonji Chairman Calls on African States to Unite, Seek Wisdom from the Bible

Mr Man-Hee Lee, chairman of Shincheonji

Happy is the one who reads this book, and happy are those who listen to the words of this prophetic message and obey what is written in this book!-Revelations 1: 3

Shincheonji Church of Jesus, the temple of the Tabernacle of the Testimony held a well-organized press conference on 28 January 2022 and the pressing topic on everyone’s lips was the secret parables hidden in the last book of the bible, Revelations.

Mukalazi Elvin who was the host as well as Mr. Man-Lee the chairperson did a stella job in presentation and answering questions asked by journalists in a meticulous manner.

Mr Man-Hee Lee, chairman of Shincheonji and journalists from 55 African countries were in attendance. This press conference was planned at the request of African journalists and pastors who had many questions regarding the church’s latest open online Bible seminar about the Bible book of Revelation.

Shincheonji Church announced that it had planned a press conference to make known the true meaning of the New Testament in the Bible. The African press was introduced to Shincheonji Church, its founder and chairman as well as the results of the church’s recent Revelation seminar that concluded in December last year. Mr Lee also spoke about the new Shincheonji Online Seminar called Testimony on the Parables of the Secrets of Heaven and Their True Meaning, which started in January this year.

The prophecies and fulfilment as recorded in the Book of Revelation have been testified by Shincheonji to the world through YouTube for a total of 10 weeks from October to December last year. It has recorded 8 million cumulative views on YouTube so far. Through this seminar, Shincheonji Church signed Memoranda of Understanding (MOUs) with more than 1,200 pastors and seminaries in 57 countries. Of those, 235 MOUs were signed in 16 African countries. And now Shincheonji church is supporting the exchange of the word and message of the Bible to each church and seminary.

Many journalists who attended the press conference asked questions about the online Revelation seminar, its contents and the church’s plans after many MOUs have been established. Chairman Man-Hee Lee answered these and many other questions about the seminars clearly and directly.

Chairman Lee said that he especially loves Africa among the global village and that he hopes Africans who have good faith would come closer to the Word of God and get a proper understanding of God’s Will.

Along with that, he stated that the secrets of heaven are recorded in parables contained in the Bible, and that he hopes the whole world would understand the true meaning of these parables through Shincheonji’s Bible seminar so that they could believe in it and reach salvation.

Furthermore, Chairman Lee asked all the members of the press to report that there is a testimony on the prophecy and fulfilment of Revelation, and the secrets of the kingdom of heaven are available to everyone today.